Why Choose UKFCG

UKFCG team members have around 100 years collective experience of UK forestry management. Membership benefits include support, training and guidance to meet certification requirements.

We specialise in certification, providing support and advice to ensure that our members meet certification requirements.  We keep our members informed with e-newsletters, guidance notes, management and monitoring templates.

We do not take on management responsibility for member’s forests. 

We charge annual fixed fees and do not charge percentage commissions on timber sales.

UKFCG is the largest UK wide independent FSC Certification Group.    

Membership benefits:

  • Certification management advice
  • Support with management records
  • Health and safety guidance
  • Updates on best practice / legislation
  • Regular Group e-newsletters
  • Sharing of wider UK forestry practices
  • Helpful record keeping templates
  • Updates on UKWAS / FSC & PEFC developments
  • Usage of the FSC & PEFC trademarks

Summary of requirements

To meet FSC & PEFC certification requirements you must be able to comply with UKWAS and have documents and practices that confirm:

  1. Legal Compliance and UKWAS conformance
  2. Management Planning documents fulfil certification requirements
  3. Woodland Operations comply with forestry best practice
  4. Natural, historical and cultural environment features are identified and protected
  5. People, communities and workers are respected and protected

The steps we take

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UK Forest Certification Group Services

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