Consultation opens on UKWAS 5 Second Revision Draft

Stakeholders can now make comment on the Second Revision Draft of UKWAS 5.

The consultation draft has been prepared by a chamber-balanced working group reflecting economic, environmental and social interests taking full account of stakeholder input.

Working group chair, Peter Wilson, thanked all those who had responded to the previous consultation round saying:

“We had fantastic feedback from stakeholders in terms of quality and quantity. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and thoughts with the working group. After much discussion, the working group has prepared a Second Revision Draft based on the input received and its own further thinking”.

Mr Wilson urged stakeholders to read through the draft and submit further comments by 30th November:

“This is the final consultation round so it is more important than ever to have your say on the Second Revision Draft. Stakeholder feedback has played a huge role in the development of this second iteration so please share your thoughts with us once more so we can finalise UKWAS 5”.

The aim is for a new fifth edition of the UKWAS standard to be effective from April 2023.

For full documentation see


SEPA Consultations for forest plan scoping and certification

We have received the following request from SEPA:

SEPA’s central WIRE team is now dealing with non EIA forestry work. Please direct any further forest plan, felling and replanting and new planting consultations to

Only Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) consultations should continue to be sent to the local Planning Service teams –


UKFS Review

Work has begun on reviewing the current UKFS. A review takes place every five years and the aim is to update and publish the next version by the end of 2022. The review is overseen by a Project Board made up of representatives from the four UK administrations, and is co-ordinated by Scottish Forestry. Stakeholder engagement and consultation is an important element of the review. A UK stakeholder reference group has been established to support the countries in developing an updated Standard, ensuring it is relevant and appropriate across the UK. For further information contact

To inform the review, an initial assessment of the Standard’s current technical content has been undertaken by specialists from the country forestry authorities and administrations, Forest Research and external reviewers. The assessment found that once updated to reflect improvements in scientific knowledge, developments in international approaches, and new or amended legislation, the majority of the content would remain relevant. The assessment also identified a series of significant cross-cutting themes that are relevant across the Standard and across the UK, and where further developments could be considered. These themes form the basis of the targeted consultation which runs from 29 June to 10 August 2021. This consultation is part of a two stage approach and a second consultation seeking opinion on updated detailed content is planned for spring 2022. As it is a technical consultation it is targeted at organisations that are familiar with the content and purpose of the UKFS, and not the general public. Further details are given on the information note here.


FISA Technical Note (TN) 001 Tree jacking

FISA introduces the ‘Technical Note’ to the suite of safety information. Forestry tasks and processes often involve unique tasks/processes due to the complexity of the rural forestry environment.  The Technical Note is a ‘practical’ guide for those unique site situations.

The newly published FISA Technical Note TN001 Tree Jacking offers additional explanation when using jacks in tree work.


Accidents, Incidents and Near-misses

It is required by law to record and report details of specified work- related injuries and incidents.  FISA has prepared a Bulletin covering The Types of Reportable Injury along with Why Incidents are Investigated. Useful links are also included.

Download Bulletin here.


Always use the most up-to-date safety Information

Please ensure you are using and referencing the most up-to-date safety information.

As new and updated safety information is published, FISA will let members know using regular e-updates.

To make sure that you’re always using the most up to date version of safety information, please view and download from the FISA website.  All safety information is free to download.


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